Verified Tweets Only

A simple extension to filter tweets by verified profiles only.

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Super Easy

Just one checkbox to toggle on/off.
That's it.

Open Source

No tracking/logging/monitoring.
Check our code.


Won't affect your browser's performance.
Just 91kb.

Filter Home Feed

Follow lots of users but sometimes just want to know what the verified folks are talking about? Filter the main home feed for tweets made by verified accounts only.

Filter Search Results

Can be really useful to know if verified accounts are talking about a certain topic. Helps identify early buzz sometimes, or spot controversial tweets early.

Filter Tweet Replies

Follow conversations of verified accounts easily, filtering tweets and replies. Don't miss out on such conversations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't tweets loading?

Try scrolling up and down a bit, tweets should load. If you've tried this and it doesn't load still - no verified tweeple are tweeting enough to show.

Why is this free?

It's a simple extension made for simple purposes, no way would I charge people for this :)

What about my data and privacy etc?

Absolutely nothing to worry about. The code is open source, check it out.